​Charan wants an office boy job ​there

Mega Power Star Ram Charan turned producer with ‘Khaidi No.150’​. As Ram ​Charan has taken up  big project as his first venture, he became a star producer. As part of the Khaidi promotions Ram Charan visited Facebook office recently.  He interacted with the employees for some time. While chatting with them Charan told that he had visited Facebook office in San Franciso. “That office was wonderfully designed. I was impressed with each and every aspect in that office”. 
He also said that Hyderabad office is also good. He said that “I liked the peaceful atmosphere here. I wish to do even a small job here.  At least an office boy job, I feel that I will be happy with that job”. When Charan said that he is ready to office boy job in their office everybody luaghed. They have enjoyed the chat with Charan.