​Sachin: A Billion Dreams… a nostalgic feeling

Sachin A Billion Dreams

Trailer of another crazy biopic Sachin: A Billion Dreams has finally released. The trailer with a duration of more than 2 minutes gives the cricket fans a certain emotion. The name of Sachin is a like a mantra for the cricket fans. It’s a kind of mass hysteria.

Going by the trailer, it is clearly evident that it is not a regular type of cinema. It appears like a documentary. But British director James Erskine presented it like a movie cum documentary. Sachin’s childhood episode is made like a movie and his career is shown with the recorded match visuals.

Sachin’s entrire cricket journey is presented in the film. Important episodes like Match fixing also covered and Sachin’s role in bringing back fans to cricket is also discussed in the film. Oveall it’s not a regular film.. but a memoir of ‘God of Cricket’.

Watch the trailer here…