​Sathyaraj apologizes Kannadigas

It is known that Pro Kannada Groups have been threatening to stop release Baahubali: The Conclusion in Karantaka state if Sathyaraj didn’t tender an apology for his hurting the sentiments of Kannada people in Cauveri water issue.  Rajamouli has recently requested Kannada groups not to target Baahubali 2 movie as Kattappa is only an actor in the film and his comments are his personal opinions.
As the situation is getting more serious,  Sathyaraj issued a video message and tendered an aplogy to the Kannadigas.  He said that “I came to know that my comments have disturbed Kannada people.  I was not against the Kannadigas or Karnataka state. My assistant Sekhar is a Kannadiga and he has been working for me for the past thirty years. That’s my affection towards Kannadigas. I apologise for my comments. I’m just one of the actor in Baahubali. My comments should not affect the release of the film. I hope Kannadiga and Tamilians understand my intention”.