“Appatlo Okadundevadu” Tweet Review

8:56 AM: Fans are eagerly waiting for the movie, pouring in..

9:00 AM: Started with our national anthem.

9:06 AM: Started with a typical note…

9:09 AM: Time for the first song aagena…

9:14 AM: Shootout a village and a bang entry of Nara Rohith… as a police…

9:14 AM: Very serious subject running seriously and little comedy

9:28 AM: Remembering Good old days with comedy

9:30 AM: Time for second song Rohit looking macho as muslim…

9:38 AM: Super cricket episode by Sri Vishnu in critical movement

9:45 AM: Interesting twist, sree vishnu gets stuck with nara rohit.

9:51 AM: Drama running intensely

9:53 AM: Super comedy scenes

9:56 AM: Third song with carrying emotion with a twist in story…

10:00 AM: Unexpected murder chasing sequence

10:01 AM: Bang twist ends and interval…

10:15 AM: Second half start with flashback

10:19 AM: Super game play ends a gang

10:20 AM: Emotional movements heart break scene

10:24 AM: Another twist with interesting note

10:28 AM: Naatu bomb scene twist

10:28 AM: With a bang twist

10:31 AM: Man on man challenge

10:31 AM: Time for romantic song

10:36 AM: Drastic turn in story with total change

10:46 AM: Emotional scene with a twist

10:50 AM: Pre climax with a bang from rohith

10:54 AM: Face of between Rohit and Vishnu

10:55 AM: Ends with a encounter…

11:04 AM: Mind blowing twist in end, makes us sentimental

11:10 AM: Sri Vishnu does it all…. Very heart touching scene

11:12 AM: goosebumps at end, movie ends with a soft note…

11:13 A.M.: Stay tuned for full review.