Sehwag is rocking in Twitter with punch dialogues 

Indian cricketer Virendra Sehwag’s style is different, he is completely aggressive.  He is capable of sending any ball to the boundary irrespective of who is bowling at the bowlers end. Sehwag is retired from cricket, but he is impressing everybody with this commentary.  He did not stop at this,  he is rocking in twitter with […]

Virat… you are truly blessed…!

     There is no need to explain about Indian Cricket team skipper Virat Kohli. You know…MicroSoft Windows versions are changing from time to time.  Nobody will use Windows 95 right now… right?. Similarly the cricket team captains are changing from time to time. Just like the features and facilities change in the Windows,  attitude […]

A Glorious win; Dhoni finishes in Style

Yesterday, the people of Bangladesh and India were watching the Asia cup final cricket match on their feet while the fans went crazy over their favourite team. The match was held in Bangladesh and the Bangladesh cricket fans stepped further who earlier started sharing morphed photos of Dhoni’s head and placing it in a bowler’s […]

Court falls back on Dhoni’s arrest…

(A.N. Ananthapuram) A case have been filed on April 2013 in Ananthapuram when cricketer Dhoni acted in a promotion depicting deity Vishnu on the cover page of Business Today magazine. Lately, the court have issued an arrest warrant on Dhoni and ordered the police to produce him in court. The issue went haywire over the […]