Even Hollywood guys copy !

Priyanka Chopra was a top Bollywood heroine till sometime back.  But she has left Bollywood to pursue her Hollywood dreams few years back.  She has achieved international fame with Hollywood series like ‘Quantico’.  On the other hand, she is presently doing a crucial role in an upcoming Hollywood film ‘Baywatch’.
Priyanaka is playing a negative shaded character in this film.  The filmmakers have recently released the first look of Baywatch. The most surprising thing is that the poster is a copy to another Hollywood film ‘Almost Famous’ which was released in 2000.
It is common for thing for the Indian filmmakers to copy English film posters. There is lot of criticism on our filmmakers for the copy content. But what will these critics say about the Hollywood makers copying poster from other film ?
Have a look at both posters and you will have a fair idea.  Please don’t blame only Indian filmmakers for copy content. Even Hollywood filmmakers are not lagged behind !