Kalyana Vaibhogame review , Nandini Reddy has a message for you


                                                               Review                    : Kalyana Vaibhogame

                                                               Censor                     : U
                                                                Rating                     : 3/5
                                                              Casting                    : Naga Shourya, Malavika Nair, Raasi, Dhanraj,Aishwarya…                                                                                              Director                  : Nandini Reddy
                                                                Producer                 : Damodar a Prasad
                                                               Production House : Sri Ranjit Movies
                                                                Music Director      : Kalyani Malik
                                                                 Release Date          : 04-03-2016Capturewhite
Introduction    : Nandini Reddy made her debut in Tollywood with ‘Ala Modalaindhi’ movie which was a successful directorial hit. Later on, she directed Samantha and Sidharth for ‘Jabardasth’ which received an underwhelming response at box office. Undeterred, here she comes with another movie with a new theme. Naga Shourya too hasn’t had any hits in the recent times and this film would affect his growth, which means he needs this to be a success. So, can the movie revive the magic of Nandini Reddy? Could the movie stand audience expectations? Lets see..
Story                  : A story of two youngsters who literally hates marriage while their parents forces them. So, they plan out something to escape form the marriage. What was the plan? what were the consequences ? what is Nandini reddy trying to say about marriage here, is the story.Capturewhite
Performance        : The actors seemed to have over acted a bit at times. Except senior actor Rashi others didn’t aptly fit in with their roles. One could hardly pour some life into the scenes. Naga Shourya was good at times but boring in some scenes with annoying over-action. The same follows with Malavika Nair.Capturewhite
Technical             : When the story has no negative characters, script should be too powerful for the drama to come up perfectly. However, Nandini seems a bit confused here as the concept itself felt weak as both youngsters agreeing to hate marriage and their plans seemed innocent. Every other artist too seemed over dramatic. Story and screenplay seems misfired as Nandini Reddy’s mark wasn’t visible anywhere. Music is good but didn’t go on well with the movie’s mood. Sentiment scenes and some dialogues are good but the audience weren’t involved in the story.Capturewhite

Highlights            :

  •                                    Comedy scenes
  •                                   love scenes
  •                                   dialogues about marriage
  •                                   every artist looks fabulousCapturewhite
Drawbacks           :
  •                                   Story, screenplay
  •                                  mistakes in characterisation and over action
  •                                  not involving audience into the story
  •                                   music wasn’t that aptCapturewhite
Analysis               :Nandini Reddy took the life story of the youth these days and presented it in a different way. The whole movie revolves around love and marriage. While the younger ones wants to roam freely and love without restrictions, marriage was what they considered a dead end. Raashi’s dialogues at the end depicted the originality the youth need to realise these days and change their perception on the concept of marriage.Capturewhite
Bottom Line           : A try to recreate the magic of Ala Modalaindhi with a different themeCapturewhiteCapturewhite
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