Khaidi No 150 Review

Movie : ​Khaidi No.150 ​
Rating   : 3.25 /5
Casting : ​Chiranjeevi, Kajal, Ali, Brahmanandam, Nagababu
Music : ​Devi Sri Prasad 
Cinematography : ​Ratnavelu 
Producer: Ram Charan, Lyca Productions 
Banner :​ Konidela Productions, Lyca Productions 
​Written by : ​Murugadoss, Paruchuri Brothers, Sai Madhav Burra, Vema Reddy
Screen Play, ​Direction: ​V.V. Vinayak
Release Date : 11-01-2017
​​Introduction:  ​It has been nine long years Megastar appeared in a full-fledged hero role. Even though he appeared on silver screen now and then,  audience are eager to watch him on the screen as a hero. No Super Star in India has appeared as a hero after such a long gap. So there are doubts in the minds of people as to how he will be received as a hero.  This Khaidi No. 150 gave an answer to all these questions.. let us see. 
 S​tory : ​Kathi Srinu is a small time thief.  Due to an accident, Shankar enters his life who has similar facial features. Kathi Srinu has no option but to change his identity as Shankar.  Initially he plans to steal the money of Shankar, but he changes his mind later when he comes to know the noble cause for which Shankar is fighting.  He desides to fight for Shankar stands for his noble cause.  Whether Kathi Srinu acheieved success in his mission or not.. forms the rest of the story. 
Performance:  ​As Kathi Srinu in full length role, as Shankar for some time we’ll see Megastar as before.  Chiru is much better than he appeared in Shankardada Zindabad.  Chiru maintained same timing, grace and screen presence which he is known for… is there any need to talk about his perfomance ? He is at his best as always.  Heroine Kajal confined to songs and few scenes. Brahmanandam comedy is ok.  Posani comedy track evoked few laughs.  Even though the screen time is less, Jaya Prakash Reddy scenes are very good. Others actors did justice to their characters.  Ram Charan entry is simply superb in “Ammadu..” song. 
Technical : Songs are good. Picturization is very good. ​Even though background score is taken from Tamil ‘Kathi’ it has been slightly changed and it still appears fresh.  As Megastar appears ten years younger, it is Ratnavelu cinematography’s magic to certain extent.  Sai Madhav Burra & Vema Reddy dialogues in the super vision of Paruchuri Brothers will impress audience.  All the other departments have done their job well.  
Highlights : ​Chiranjeevi, Dialogues, Songs, Basic plot, Direction 
Drawbacks : ​First half an hour is dull,  forced comedy in some places. ​

Analysis : ​Even after listening to several stories, filtering few.. mega compound finalized ‘Kaththi’ story.  Even though this judgment is not liked by some people, when we watch the film we feel that they have done the right thing.  The care they took is clearly evident in making the film.  Even though there are few mistakes in screen-play, Chiranjeevi screen presence covers up all those things.  We can say that director has suceeded in presenting a message oriented issue in a commercial entertaining way. Songs, fights and dailogues in the movie made the basic story special. Khaidi No. 150 will not disappoint the fans, common audience who are waiting to see Megastar film after ten years. 
Bottom line :  ​Even though there are flaws.. movie is a hit.. no doubt !​
Audience opinion: ​Boss Is Back ​