Mokshu – Niharika pair won’t good !

Another hero from one of the most influential film families Nandamuri Mokshagna Teja is getting ready to enter Telugu films.  Preparations are on to launch Mokshu to Tollywood.  Balakrishna is meeting dozens of directors, listening scripts for the Mokshu’s debut film.  Balayya reportedly has three good stories with him and he is going to finalize on of them.   Balayya is planning to handover the Mokshu’s debut film responsibility to director Krish as per the Nandamuri circles.

On the other hand there are reports that Mega daughter Niharika is going to be the heroine of Mokshagna’s first film. But Nandamuri fans ruling out this news.  They are saying that Niharika will not be suitable to Mokshu as a heroine Because she appears to be elder sister to him.  How can she pair up with Moskhu? They are upset with this kind of news also.
On the other hand, Niharika did not confirm her second film after the debut film Oka Manasu.  She is presently listening to few scripts and she is going to finalize her next very soon.  Many feel that Niharika will not pair up with Mokshu and Mega – Nandamuri combo will not work.