Pawan fans hungama at ‘Boss Is Back’ event

Whatever be the intentions behind conducting the ‘Boss Is Back’ event,  Nagababu fire on Varma became a hot topic.  Varma counter attack snatched away the limelight of the whole event.  Interestingly Chiranjeevi speech also took a back seat because of Nagababu episode.  Not only Chiru, Pawan’s absence also took a backseat in the media.  
Usually Pawan’s absence would have become a hot topic if Nagababu episode would not have been there. Entire focus was on Nagababu that Pawan fans hungama was ignored by all.  Pawan fans reportedly surrounded Allu Arjun and they had souted Power Star slogans continuously.  Bunny was embarassed with the situation but he did not react to their hungama.  Later he was escorted by Police to the stage. 
Not only this. Pawan fans were reportedly upset with the event that Nobody took the name of Pawan. They said to have damaged the chairs at end of the event.