Pawan serious warning to comedian..??

pawan-photosPower star Pawan Kalyan is wrapping up his ‘Sardar Gabbarsingh’ shooting part with utmost speed as the release date is nearing. The whole movie unit is working round the clock for the works to get finished on time. With the situation as such, Pawan Kalyan is said to have given a serious warning to a comedian on sets yesterday. Going through the details, a comedian acting in Sardar movie has been annoying the team members of Sardar from the past 15 days. Moreover, he was also belittling the director with a careless attitude.

Yesterday, the comedian was said to have teased the director in front of everyone and Pawan was outraged with his acts. Power star gave a serious warning for not to repeat such acts again and the sets went pin-drop silence in no time. No one saw such anger from Pawan in the recent times. The comedian was a popular tv show artist who recently came into movies.