Power star didn’t keep his word

When Power Star Pawan Kalyan is going to do a film with Dasari Narayana Rao ? It has been a topic ignored by most of the fans now. Pawan Kalyan has announced long back that he is going to team up with Dasari for a film. He did not give clarity on whether that film is in  the direction of Dasari or not. Many thought that Dasari will produce the film.  On the other hand Pawan is on the signing spree right now but he is not at all talking about Dasari film.
As Pawan’s Janasena is going to contest 2019 elections Pawan is thinking of quitting the films before 2019.  So he stated that he will not act in three or four films and not more than that.  Pawan is presently doing Katama Rayudu. He has launched two other films in the direction of Trivikram and RT Neason.  Apart from all these project Pawan said to have taken advance from Mythri Movie Makers.
Going by the Pawan’s commitments, there is a talk going on in the film circles that Pawan has ignored Dasari project.  Pawan fans claim that Pawan keeps his word at any cost. But there is an exception to everything.  Dasari project is one such exception.