This proof is enough for Khaidi mania in Overseas

It is known that Megastar Chiranjeevi is re-entering the Tollywood after 9 years with ‘Khaidi No. 150’. Chiranjeevi had to face so much criticism in the last 9 years. Many people commented him that he is joker in politics.  Even Mega fans were upset with his political failure and they also criticized him.  But all those things are confined to only politics. When he is coming back to films, audience are extending a warm welcome.  They are showing affection more than they used to like Chiru.  
Telugu audience are celebrating Chiru’s grand entry not only in Telugu states but even in Overseas. Huge number of premier shows planned in Overseas. Khaidi is predicted to achieve one million dollars in the first day itself. Coming to his craze, if you have a look at the above photograph you’ll have an idea.  Traffic police came up with restrictions in a particular areas due to the Khaidi premier shows.  Chiru movie is causing traffic jam in USA…!