Spyder Movie Tweet Review

4:00 AM : With a thought provoking speech by Mahesh on humanity the film comes to an end. Movie Done.

3:56 AM : As the film is heading towards climax a major heavy duty fight sequence is on between the protagonist and antagonist.

3:49 AM : Mahesh and his team are on duty to save patients in the hospital. A few emotional scenes are going on

3:44 AM : Surya escapes for the custody and is trying to attack a hospital. Sayaji Shinde enter into scene as a police boss. He along with his team are trying hard to stop the attack

3:39 AM : Yet another intriguing episode started. A Boulder rolling on road sequence that was showcased in the trailer is on now

3:34 AM : Now all set for an intense interrogation scene. Mahesh and Surya face each other for the first time

3:29 AM : An edge of the seat narration comes to an end and finally police arrests SJ Surya…

3:22 AM : A long sequence where Mahesh is trying to find out Surya is being showcased in brilliant manner. Thrilling and intriguing narration

3:15 AM : Some ARM mark fun mixed intelligent scenes are on now

3:07 AM : Now its time for stylish mass song Hali Hali…sets are beautiful and apt for the song

3:00 AM : The film has picked up its speed with some interesting narration and racy screenplay. Yet another shocking twist in the tale revealed

2:55 AM : Suriya enters into real world and is trying to attack Mahesh’s family…some tensed scenes are going on

2:45 AM : Post interval a few scenes on the sadistic people’s mindset are being showcased

2:41 AM : First Half Report: So far the film is decent with some high moments here and there. Most of the first half runs on a serious note and has slow narration at parts.

2:36 AM : After an intense conversation between the hero and villain the film comes half way. Interval now

2:33 AM : The main antagonist SJ Suriya has been introduced and a few introduction scenes about his character are on now

2:28 AM : Tamil actor Bharath is the suspicious guy. Mahesh will take him into custody followed by a few intense investigation scenes are going on

2:25 AM : Mahesh traces the suspicious person at an amusement park…now its time for much talked about Roller coaster between Mahesh and the suspicious guy.

2:19 AM : Mahesh will finally gather some shocking information about the murderer…a few brief childhood scenes of that person are on now

2:11 AM : Mahesh and his team are trying hard to find out the suspicious person who is responsible for mysterious deaths…

2:04 AM : Now again a few comedy scenes are on between the lead pair and the proceedings leads to super hit song Ciciliya Ciciliya…

2:00 AM : The film is slowly getting into serious mood…some very good fast-paced scenes are on now

1:55 AM : Post song a serious investigation regarding a mysterious death case is going on

1:48 AM : Its time for yet another song Achcham Telugandham…a soothing montage song

1:44 AM : Heroine Rakul Preet makes an entry…a few funny scenes are on going between the lead pair

1:40 AM : Grand visuals and set designs are too good in the song. Now a few important scenes are on between the hero and his friend. Priyadarshi is playing hero’s friend role

1:35 AM : Here comes Superstar Mahesh Babu makes a simple yet rocking entrance with a fight and the proceedings lead to hero intro song Boom Boom…

1:31 AM : The film opens in a bus stop where a few tensed scenes are on between a love couple…

1:20 AM : The film has Just started and its duration is 145 minutes. Fans’ excitement knows no boundaries as the titles appear on screen.

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