S.P. Balasubrahmanyam stands for Big B

Shafqat-Amant-AliBollywood Biggie Amitabh Bachan has recently attended India Vs. Pakistan Twenty Twenty match held in Kolkata and sang the national anthem while uniting the two nations. Amitabh Bachan’s song stood a highlight before the match was to start and inspired millions watching it live.

Sadly, Amitabh was ever since in the news for all wrong reasons. At first, news came out that Amitabh charged 4 crores for singing the National Anthem which went viral in social media. Later on, it was clarified that Amitabh didn’t took a penny and he actually spent much out of his pocket for attending the cricket stadium in Kolkata.

After one news went down, other came up as a complaint was filed against Amitabh for singing the National Anthem in 1.20 minutes rather than in the prescribed time of 52 seconds. Many commented that it was such a waste of time for court and media as it doesn’t seem logical to many. Some commented that how can one complain of this rather than considering the fact that Amitabh lend his voice for a greater cause.

While famous singer S. P. Balasubrahmanyam too voiced on this while mentioning that Amitabh sir has done a great job and his song made many dive in patriotism while the song was in perfect pitch and perfect pronunciation. The singer then asked if there was any law that says to punish for not singing National anthem in 52 seconds. He later condemned this acts of some people finding petty ways for publicity and hoped for us all to be magnanimous.