Sardar Special; Facts behind “Pawan Kalyan slaps Shakalaka Shankar” news..

pawan-kalyan-006A while ago, with Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming movie Sardar Gabbarsingh is nearing its release, news came out that Pawan Kalyan slapped comedian Shakalaka Shankar. Later on, while mentioning about the news, Shankar said that no such thing took place as Pawan might have given a stronger dose for not acting properly but why would he beat the comedian despite Pawan being a god to him. In general, anyone could have given the same reply but what we came to know after enquiring about the issue is that, Pawan hasn’t really slapped Shakalaka Shankar but was outraged and scolded him. It was the last day of shooting for Shakalaka Shankar and everyone was already annoyed with his attitude and behavior. It turned much more bothersome with the nearing shoot and the issue reached Pawan Kalyan. So, Pawan just gave a small dose of warning and nothing else.

If only Shankar could keep quiet for one day, he would have left the sets with happiness in heart for working with Pawan. However, his own actions has infuriated Pawan and Shankar had to pay the price. This was disclosed to us by a technician who worked for the film. One thing everyone should notice here is, if a small comedian like Shankar behaves as such with power star Pawan Kalyan’s movie, what would be the condition with small movies. Surprisingly, there are some Biggie’s in film industry like Rajinikanth and Amitabh Bachan who are known for their simplicity and humbleness and we always hear from them how to stay simple amidst huge fame. But we come across these types of news at times with some people who somehow received a little popularity in the recent times, hope they learn something from the legends.

Note : We well be providing many interesting aspects about Sardar Gabbarsingh movie as “Sardar Special”, continuously till the movie rolls out.

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