Shocking.. She interviewd Chiranjeevi

It is known that Roja severely criticized Chiranjeevi when he was active in politics. She has even criticized Pawan Kalyan recently and Mega fans were angry.  Roja is presently in YCP, Chiranjeevi is in Congress Party. But their meeting has become a topic of discussion in the Tollywood. 
As part of promotions of the ‘Khaidi No. 150’, Roja has interviewed Chiranjeevi.  Everybody got shocked with the interview now. As both the actors are rivals politically, it has become an intersting point how they agreed for this.  As Chiru acted with Roja in few films when Roja was a heroine,  tha association said to have played a key role in the interview. On the other hand Khaidi is releasing on January 11