Do Barely, Rack up More

Work in consistent chunks of time from “The Pomodoro Technique” by “Francesco Cirillo. Start by splitting your to-dos into two lists—one for today and one for the future—and you’ll find your work much more manageable when you commit to consistent bursts of productivity.

Focus on the few tasks that actually matter from Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy. Actually moves the needle, so focus on those “frogs” first, rather than working on smaller, less consequential efforts. Prioritize your subtasks into a list labeled A to Z, then leap through the alphabet till you attain your goal.

Show your distractions whose boss from single tasking by Devora Zack .Quit letting distractions derail your productivity, and hack your habits to eliminate anything that takes you off track.

Get out of your head from Getting Things Done by David Allen.. Instead, supercharge your productivity by freeing up your mind space. Jot down every task on an always-accessible list, then revisit your “collection bucket” once a week to eliminate unnecessary efforts and prioritize those that matter most.

Look at the big picture from Personal Kanban by Jim Benson and Tonianne DeMaria Barry. By using sticky notes, a whiteboard, or a project management app to track your progress, you can finalize projects in a fraction of the time.

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