Get a Hold Unperturbed by Playing These Games

THESE are older games you might have missed the first time around and some newer ones that don’t always get a huge amount of attention.

  • Actual rocket science can be a lot of fun and you don’t need to be a mad scientist or a Big Bang Theorycharacter to enjoy it.
  • It’s an incredibly involved and realistic game that tackles a hard science subject in an extraordinarily fun and engaging way with deft touches of humor to help keep things approachable.

  • Based on the pen-and-paper cyberpunk-meets-magic RPG series, Shadow run: Hong Kongis set against the neon backdrop of a futuristic Hong Kong circa 2056 in which humans, elves, dwarfs, arks and trolls wield guns, magic and technology as they run the shadows performing deniable operations against the mega corporations which control the world.
  • A combination of isometric view RPG and turnbased combat game, Shadow run: Hong Konghas some outstanding dialogue, a good combat system and does an excellent job of being an enjoyable game as well as capturing the atmosphere of the pen-and-paper game in the process.

  • It’s well known that the Grand Theft Auto(GTA) series of games is a satire on modern American culture. So what happens when someone satirizes GTA? You get Saints Row the Third, which is hilarious, over the top and ludicrously fun.
  • Take the craziest stuff you’ve done in GTA, turn it up to 11, add even more outrageous humor and make the whole exercise as NSFW as possible (Not Safe For Worknudity, swearing, adult themes, that sort of stuff) and you’ve gotSaints Row The Third..

The sequel, Saints Row IV, is also recommended and worth playing, but you’re likely to get more out of it if you play this one first.

  • You play the passport control officer at the border of the fictional Soviet republic of Arstotzka in 1982, and your job is to make sure that only approved people are allowed to enter the country.
  • And that’s without the shadowy anti-government organization that wants your help, the secret police who are watching you’re every move, and a succession of smugglers, sob stories, reprobates and other people who have propositions for you in exchange for an entry stamp in their passport.

  • You play Chell, a woman imprisoned in an Aperture Science facility at some point in the future. The facility is run by a rogue AI named GLaDOS, who has lost her grip on reality and is determined to put the player through ever more elaborate obstacle courses with an ever-increasing likelihood of horrible death.
  • The puzzles are challenging without ever being infuriating and the acerbic comments from the AI, absurdist humor, and environmental storytelling adds up to an outstanding game.

The predecessor in the series, Portal, uses the same format and is also brilliant and well worth playing — especially if you’ve ever wondered why your gaming friends are given to saying “the cake is a lie” whenever someone offers them cake.

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