Long Term Relationship Taken Away by Year Off Dating

We are told this over and over again. We hear the words ringing in our ears, but the pain in our hearts make it seem as if it is almost unbelievable, and at first it is. I learned that you have to be accepting of the time that passes and you have to fight with the time, not against it. You have to want to heal, to grow, and to conquer.

It’s great to have someone to hold you at night. Someone to share the good and the bad with. Someone to stand by your side. But, when you neglect the people that were there for you prior to your relationship, who will be standing by your side to wipe your tears and to remind you just who the hell you are?

I like that now when I walk into the door from work I can relax for 45 minutes with no one talking. I like that I can choose to stuff my face with cookie Oreos, popcorn and all the junk food that I want while watching my Lifetime movies and “The Bold Type” with no judgment at all.

It is true that you have to accept the bad with the good, but under no circumstances should we sacrifice our beliefs or expectations when choosing a partner. Get over the fact that he may not have the biggest package in the world, but turn and walk the other way if he thinks it’s okay to entertain multiple women or is too emotionally unavailable.

Facing quite a few of my fears and I conquered every battle on my own. I took the time to truly focus on myself for once without any interference. I now know that when the right man comes along, that I will be ready for him. Ready to add to his life and ready to accept what he has to add to mine.

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