Bunny Vs NTR… another shocking news

NTR wanted to work with director Lingusamy after Janata Garage.  NTR has chosen this project, as the movie is a huge action entertainer and it can be made as a bilingual in Telugu and Tamil. But Bunny entered the scene suddenly and snatched the project away.  The same Lingusamy was behind Allu Arjun for the […]

Sorry but, you can’t copy him

Young Tiger Ntr besides having an enormous mass following, he tried to play other shades too to impress the class and family audience. His movies Temper and Nannaku Prematho are the apt examples for it. Only Ntr is an exception for this mass image because many heroes crave for that position. However their attempt maybe, […]

Can ‘Garam’ stand Nani’s competition ?

Young hero Aadi is coming to entertain the audience with his ‘Garam’ movie this week. His first two movies were successful but later on Aadi had a bad time with continuous flops. Undeterred, Aadi is still trying to rise while doing as many films as possible. And his upcoming movie Garam has been produced under […]