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Heroine to complain on ‘Akhil’

The much hyped mass hero Akhil from Akkineni family made his debut with ‘Akhil’ movie. Although produced with huge budget and under Vinayak’s direction, the movie still ended up as a disaster. The movie raised sky-high expectations prior to release but the aftermath had more complications and criticism. Hoping on the film, many distributors bagged […]

Vinayak to complaint on Nithin ?

Akkineni Akhil’s debut movie ‘Akhil’ has been a disaster and left the producer Nithin, his father Sudhakar Reddy, and many other buyers and distributors in huge loss. The relation between Vinayak and Nithin is also weakening with the movie result, as per the talk. And a rumour is rapidly spread that Vinayak is getting ready […]

No Connection with Akhil Failure….

Kona Venkat is a star writer and provided his work for many movies in Tollywood. But, will he take the responsibility if any movie relating to him faces failure? Well, statistically the answer is No. He has already denied his responsibility for the failure of recently released Akhil movie. Kona only provided dialogues for this […]

Akhil fans admiration resembles Shiva gang

Akkineni Akhil was much hyped than any other debut hero in Tollywood. Introducing Akhil as Akkineni’s mass hero and making a movie with mass Director Vinayak has caused curiosity in the audience. Akkineni fans were waiting for the movie which is released today as diwali gift. Akhil fans rushed for benefit show yesterday in Kurnool […]


Akkineni family is getting ready for a continuous bonanza. Nagaruna is busy with Akhil’s debut movie which would be released in two days and then he would concentrate on his own. Nag is coming with two movies in hands acting simultaneously. ‘Soggade Chinni Nayana’ with debut director Kalyan Krishna and Tamil-Telugu bilingual movie ‘Upiri’ with […]

Test for Akhil – Tension for Nag..

Every parent will have an enormous tension more than their children when they attends any exam. Coming to cinema families , Debut movies of their young ones is becoming a noticeable responsibility. From Megastar Chiranjeevi to King Nagarjuna , everyone is tensed in that situations. Choosing a debut story, selecting a top Director and releasing […]

AKHIL is back with DIWALI GIFT

The movie “Akhil” which was supposed to be a Dasara gift was delayed which resulted in intense disappointment of Akkineni fans. The movie was filmed under much hype and its delay altered the estimations as said by angry fans to Producer Nithin and Director Vinayak. With the consequences, Nagarjuna had to to step up in […]