One more feather in NTR’s cap

‘Search’ has become part and parcel of our life.  Our day will not complete without searching something in Google(If you are reading this means.. you are computer literate, I’m not talking about others).  When this kind of searching is happening in Google, search trends has gained importance to analyze the data.  When it comes to […]

Why Bunny got angry ?

A coin has two sides. Similarly everything aspect will have positive and negative sides. When it comes to celebrities, they have money fame on one side. They will lose their privacy because of that.  Stylish star Allu Arjun experienced this recently.  He has visited Tirumala few days back.  It is common that when a celebrity […]

NTR created sensation…!

Young Tiger NTR created sensation this year.  When we have a look at the biggest blockbusters of 2017, Janata Garage tops the list. No star hero film is slated for release in the last fifteen days of this year.  On the other hand,  Charan’s Dhruva released a few days back. Even though there were some […]

Suri to director Megastar ?

Director Surender Reddy is known for his stylish making of the films. Even though his last film Kick-2 was a disaster at the box office he has good popularity among the audience with films like Kick and Race Gurram.  It is known that Surender Reddy is the director of Mega Power Star Ram Charan’s latest […]

Director Krish in Chiru 151 probables…?

Megastar re-entry film Khaidi No.150 is hitting the screens in January.  As the movie release is just  one and half month away, discussions started regarding his next film.  There has been reports in the past that Boyapati Srinu would helm the project and Allu Aravind is the producer. There is no clear information about this […]

Bunny Vs NTR… another shocking news

NTR wanted to work with director Lingusamy after Janata Garage.  NTR has chosen this project, as the movie is a huge action entertainer and it can be made as a bilingual in Telugu and Tamil. But Bunny entered the scene suddenly and snatched the project away.  The same Lingusamy was behind Allu Arjun for the […]

Social conscious more for Allu Arjun..

Allu Arjun is proving that he is hero in real life also but not only in reel life.  When it comes to social consciousness Pawan Kalyan scores more marks than others. He entered politics and fighting for the public.  After Pawan it is his nephew Allu Arjun who has social awareness.  He appreciates others for […]

Bunny… The best experiment

Bunny has proven that whatever he does will  be the best with the characters like Gona Gannareddy, and action hero role Sarrainodu.  He wanted to move ahead to the next level now. Allu Arjun is seriously trying to prove himself to be the best as an actor from the time of Julayi.  He had almost […]

Bunny finalizes Harish Shankar !

Stylish Star Allu Arjun recently scored a blockbuster with Sarrainodu.  It has been two months since the movie hit the screens but there is no clarity on his next film.  There were reports that Lingusamy or Vikram Kumar may direct his next film.  Lingusamy is the the prime contender for Bunny film. Many were expecting […]

Bunny’s back to back commitments

Stylish Star Allu Arjun is now on a hattrick.  He is presently enjoying the success of his latest film Sarrainodu shifted focus on to the next projects.  There were reports in the recent past that Bunny is doing a film in the direction of Vikram K. Kumar, but he is getting ready for Lingusamy’s film.  […]