Ntr manager up for mega movie

As per the information from Tollywood sources, Krishna who worked as a manager for young Tiger Ntr is now going to turn a producer. Interestingly, his first trail in movies is going to be started with mega hero. Reports have clocked in that mega hero Sai Dharam Tej is going have one of his movies […]

That’s okay Revanth but what about Balayya?

A while ago, Nara Rohit’s upcoming movie ‘Tuntari’ has its audio released to the Telugu audience. Telugu Desam Party leader Revanth attended the audio function as a guest and spoke for a few minutes on the movie. He later added that the movie would become a block-buster if all the Telugu Desam Party admirers in […]

First mistake is by Balayya Fans ?

Unfortunately, the answer seems to be Yes. The whole problem started with Tarak’s ‘Ramayya Vasthavayya’ movie. During the movie release, the morning show wasn’t even completed but messages crept in as disaster. And that too the messages weren’t from overexcited fans but the intensity in messages depicted that someone sent them intentionally. Such involvement in […]