Power star doesn’t seem to stop his trials

  Power Star Pawan Kalyan… he enjoys huge fan base, following than any other Telugu hero at present.  Fans, family members, industry expect him to do more films.  But Pawan might have been contented with his achievements as a hero… or he might have been bored of acting career… he is trying to prove himself […]

Chiru film release date… locked

   Megastar Chiranjeevi’s prestigious film is getting ready very fast.  Chiru and his team is planning Sankranthi release so he is working hard and the whole team is working sincerely towards fast completion of the film.  The film has already completed it’s first schedule and Vinayak is simultaneously getting the editing work done.  Except the […]

Chiru film title.. sure this time !

Chiranjeevi re-entry film is creating confusion and tension among the fans.  Initially there were several gossips whether the film will go the sets or not.  Later it was about the story.  Several directors were changed.  Vinayak entered the scene finally but it was Puri who was finalized for Chiru film. Interesting thing is that was […]

Chiru film… a major issue solved

Mega family has spent 2 years of time for Chiru 150 story.  They have listened to several stories and finally they have voted for the Tamil Kaththi remake.  They have taken so much time even for the finalization of director for the landmark film.  Directors like Puri Jagannadh were hurt in the process.  Whatever might […]

Why these guys spreading venom on only Megastar film?

Ever since Megastar Chiranjeevi re-entry is officially announced, it seems many people didn’t have proper sleep.  They are trying to harm Megastar Chiranjeevi in one way or the other.  It is known that he entered film industry alone and conquered it.  They are cooking up stories like Vinayak is feeling bad… Assistant directors did not […]

Chiru#150… There should be a limit to this stupidity

Heroine of Chiranjeevi 150th film is Vijayashanti ? V.V.Vinayak has approached Vijayashati.  Vijayasanti is thinking over it. Ahh.. so many gossips.  When we look at this kind of gossips, we feel there should be a limit to this stupidity.  These gossip mongers will go a step further tomorrow and write “Chiranjeevi, Vinayak pleaded Vijayasanti.  But she […]