Why Puri is silent on NTR award…?

Many of us think that if we become a celebrity, we can enjoy the fame.  But as every coin has two sides celebrity status also has two sides to it. You can see money and fame on one side, but when we look at the other side…one will lose privacy,  one has to answer all […]

Bahubali Rocks again in CineMAA Awards !

Audience have a general opinion that commercial blockbusters will not get awards and the award winning movies will not mint money at the box office.  Sometimes general audience will be scared of award winning movies. But Rajamouli’s magnum opus Bahubali is such a rare movie that it was a big money spinner at the box […]

CineMAA Awards : NTR is the best actor

Everyone knows how Young Tiger NTR performs on the silver screen. When he does that particularly in the emotional scenes the touches the hearts of the audience.  His role in Temper movies is one the best in his career.  His acting especially in the climax court scene so brilliant that not only his fans, but […]

A tribute on Ntr’s birthday !!

It was Hyderabad, May 20th of summer in 1983 when Harikrishna’s wife Shalini was going through her delivery pains and after an anxious await, there came the docter and said ‘it’s a boy’. And that’s how the successor of versatile actor and Tollywood pillar Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao’s grandson stepped on earth. Named after the […]