This is why Simbu created the Beep song

A while ago, case has been filed on music director Anirudh and hero Simbu for creating a song which reportedly used some words against women. The ‘Beep song’ went trending while the controversy was elevated to be a serious issue by women rights activists and organisations. Last month, Anirudh visited the police station and gave […]

Excise and IT raids on Freedom 251

Central government has been keenly observing the Ringing Bells company who created a sensation for having made a smartphone under 251 Rs. The uncanny offer seemed suspicious for obvious reasons and many started questioning and complaining on the company. The government abruptly conducted an excise and Income Tax raid on the company today and searched […]

Police serves summons to Rajamouli on a cheating case

Tollywood’s top director Rajamouli has unfortunately fallen victim for disputes coming across the court’s notice, once again. A week ago, Kerala government alleged Rajamouli’s Bahubali team for using an elephant in the shooting without acquiring the proper permission from the Animal Welfare Board of India. And now, a cheating case has been filed on the […]