Pawan did another good thing…

Apart from being a star hero, Pawan Kalyan is trying to be special and different in politics too. Unlike regular politicians, his decisions are different.  In a recent development Pawan gave green signal to promote Khadi clothes.  It is known that Pawan worked as a brand ambassador to an international cool drink brand. But he […]

Vinayak wants to do a film with Pawan

V.V.Vinayak is back to form now.  It is known that Vinayak directed the Megastar re-entry film Khaidi No. 150, and the movie released today.  Khaidi received unanimous positive talk and Vinayak is getting appreciation for handling Chiru re-entry film well. As Vinayak’s last film ‘Akhil’ was a disaster, everybody was eager to know the result […]

Power Star ready with New Year gift

Power Star Pawan Kalyan is presently doing Katama Rayudu in the direction Dolly.  As Pawan’s last movie Sardar Gabbar Singh disappointed the fans,  Pawan is coming up with an entertainer to impress them.  The shooting of this film is going on with a quick pace and the unit has recently wrapped up Pollachi schedule and […]

Trivikram busy with music sittings

As everybody knows,  Trivikram – Pawa Kalyan combo is a crazy project in Tollywood. Moreover they are coming together for the third time so Power Star fans are expecting a blockbuster to complete the hattrick.  It is known that Pawan- Trivikram film launched a month back and pre-production is going on in full swing.  Trivikram […]

Pawan fixed for Ugadi

Power Star Pawan Kalyan committed to three films after the disappointing with Sardar Gabbar Singh. First of those three films is Katama Rayudu in the direction of Dolly. Shooting of talkie part of this film reached its final stage. Katama Rayudu team was canning crucial sequences in Pollachi for the past few days. Pollachi schedule […]

Pawan tweets losing importance ?

Power Star Pawan Kalyan is a top hero in Tollywood.  He enjoys immense following. But Pawan’s political journey seems to be not going well with the fans now.  Everything seemed to be good when Janasena launched and few meetings conducted by Jana Sena chief.  But he has decided to not to attend the public functions […]

Shocking: Pawan is anti-national

Whatever Pawn Kalyan says, does becomes sensation.  Pawan Kalyan has been expressing his opinions daily through twitter taking a issue a day.  He has responded on patriotism and commented that government is forcing patriotism people.  He made sensational comments that “If they think that patriotism will increase in the citizens by playing National Anthem in […]

Pawan plans

Power Star Pawan Kalyan always a shy person and he keeps away from functions.  But he has been a changed man in the recent past.  He is coming before the media for the promotion.  He is reportedly planning New Year bash this time. So he is planning to visit abroad this time. Usually Pawan takes […]

Mega – Power combo possible ?

Megastar Chiranjeevi is presently working on his re entry film Khaidi No. 150 in the direction of VV Vinayak. It is known that Khaidi No. 150 is the 150th film of Chiranjeevi’s career.  It is known that this film is slated for Sankranthi release.  On the other hand there are reports regarding Chiru 151.  Boyapati […]

Power Star is supporting Sai, Varun like that ?

He doesn’t like the world to know about this, but Power Star Pawan Kalyan supports mega heroes.  Audience might feel that there is mega gang domination so Pawan supports them from back end.  Recently Power Star decided to give helping hand to Sai and Varaun as they are struggling with flops.  So he got ready […]

Power star doesn’t seem to stop his trials

  Power Star Pawan Kalyan… he enjoys huge fan base, following than any other Telugu hero at present.  Fans, family members, industry expect him to do more films.  But Pawan might have been contented with his achievements as a hero… or he might have been bored of acting career… he is trying to prove himself […]