Tarak and me are not fools : Swapna Dutt

Everybody makes mistakes but very few admit them. Ashwini Dutt’s daughter Swapna is certainly not one of them to admit mistakes. There has been a hot topic in the media regarding NTR’s film Shakti failure.  It is known that Ashwini Dutt produced Shakti and Swapna Dutt supervised the production of the film.  Shakti was biggest […]

This is Nikhil movie title…

Young hero Nikhil came across a huge failure in the form of ‘Shankarabharanam’ after hattrick hits.  Presently he is doing a film under the direction of VI Anand, who worked as an assistant under AR Murugadoss.  The film makers are planning to release the movie in August, and the movie has completed 60% of its […]