That’s why Nithiin film got shelved…!


Young hero Nithiin is planning his career carefully such that he will become a star hero in near future. That is the reason why he has taken so much time in finalizing his next film after ‘A Aa’.  His latest film was launched recently in the production of Nithiin and Trivikram.  Trivikram is also providing the story for this film.  This is undoubtedly a crazy project.
It is known that Nithiin was supposed to do a film with the director Hanu Raghavapudi in the 14 Reels Entertainment banner.  The film was even launched after A Aa.  What about that film now? The film has got shelved or it is still on ? It has got shelved as per the information. The reason is said to be Nithiin’s remuneration.  Nithiin hiked his remuneration to 5 crore, but producers were not willing to shell out that much amount, so Nithiin dropped out.
But this logic seems to be not at all convincing. Because, A Aa released in June.  Nithiin – Hanu Raghavapudi film launched in September.  If at all remuneration is the issue, the movie would not have been launched. So there is buzz going on in the film circles that, Nithiin dropped Hanu Raghavapudi project for the sake of Pawan – Trivikram film.