Varma comment on Bahubali award !

0When our Telugu film Bahubali received award in Best Feature Film category, there will be usually reactions from the audience. One reaction will be.. they will praise the Bahubali team with words like superb, fantastic etc. words.  Second reaction will be.. Is it…   great that the movie received such award for a Telugu movie but… Magadheera, Eega Chatrapathi movies are better than Bahubali.  These are normal reactions.  But how can you expect Ram Gopal Varma’s reaction in such an ordinary manner?
He tweeted that –
“Bahubali dint get National Award.. It’s the National Award which got Bahubali… My congrats to the awards committee” 
“Am extremely happy with National Awards Committee for winning Bahubali… May God and Bahubali 2 bless all its jury members” (sic)
Did you get what Varma is trying to say?