Vinayak wants to do a film with Pawan

V.V.Vinayak is back to form now.  It is known that Vinayak directed the Megastar re-entry film Khaidi No. 150, and the movie released today.  Khaidi received unanimous positive talk and Vinayak is getting appreciation for handling Chiru re-entry film well. As Vinayak’s last film ‘Akhil’ was a disaster, everybody was eager to know the result of Khaidi.  But Vinayak proved Chiru’s judgement is right in believing him.  
Vinayak is a happy man now with the thundering response.  After knowing the response Vinayak said that “Annayya has good judgement in choosing a good story and screen play. I will consult Annayya and take his opinion in future whenever I prepare a story”. On the other hand he has revealed his wish to direct Pawan Kalyan.  He said that “I’am always ready to direct Pawan, if I come across a very good story”.  
As Pawan is doing three four films before elections, and future projects are already finalized, we have to wait and see whether he will get an opportunity to direct him or not.